Thanks to a grant from the Oregon Housing and Community Services agency we are hiring our first Executive Director.   The job description is below.

Applicant reviews will begin on July 5, 2023.

Please submit your resume and cover letter or questions to:

Big River Community Land Trust Executive Director 

Executive Director Job Description


The Big River Community Land Trust (BRCLT) works in a manner that is cooperative, stable and sustainable. The Executive Director (ED) provides leadership and guidance to advance the organization’s mission, while providing practical skills and expertise to manage the organization and carry out specific projects.


The ED oversees BRCLT’s operations and development, is the primary representative in the community and the primary liaison with the Board and all individuals and businesses who have a relationship with it. The ED is responsible for overseeing project management, membership relations, leaseholder and applicant relations, and fundraising/grant writing to support operations and projects. The ED is also responsible for researching future projects, general oversight and management and for evaluating and expediting the financial and regulatory aspects of projects initiated by the Board.

Being the first ED for this organization the job will also involve building and scoping projects from the ground up while also defining processes and  systems which will scale with the organization as it grows.

The ED is hired, supervised and evaluated by the BRCLT Board of Directors, and reports to the Executive Committee which will complete an annual performance review. 


Board of Directors:

  1. Function as liaison with directors for staff, members, residents, contractors, consultants, other organizations and the general public.
  2. Work with the Chair of the Board and Secretary to develop monthly meeting agendas.
  3. Provides staff support for the Board and serves in collaboration with the Board as an official spokesperson for BRCLT.

General Oversight & Management:

  1. While we are in the early stages of building the BRCLT, we anticipate the hiring of staff.   This should start with a staffing plan and acquiring the funds necessary for such a plan.
  2. Oversee office operations and mailing.
  3. Manage the office to include communications and record keeping.


  1. Work with the Treasurer and Executive Committee to prepare the annual operating budget, and present a monthly statement of financial position, activities and cash flow projections.
  2. Provide technical assistance to the Treasurer and the Board to ensure compliance with all terms and conditions of funding sources, including grantors, donors and tax reporting.
  3. Supervise or complete all necessary bookkeeping to insure accurate accounting and reporting.
  4. Provide guidance to the Treasurer and Finance Committee to complete an annual audit, when necessary. 
  5. Monitor all financial aspects of projects, and ensure expenses and revenues are tracked appropriately.
  6. Draw funds as necessary and appropriate including complete documentation of costs from various funding sources.


  1. Research and pursue grants and other funding opportunities for both operating and project related support.
  2. Provide guidance and support for fundraising events. 
  3. Facilitate, guide and support directors’ efforts to raise funds from individuals. 


  1. Maintain regular communication with all members.
  2. Publish a minimum of four newsletters and an Annual Report each year.
  3. Organize and host the Members’ Annual Meeting.
  4. Recruit new members, retain existing members, upgrade members, and sustain major donors through a strategic membership plan adopted each year. 
  5. Oversee the timely and accurate cataloging of information in a membership database. 
  6. Supervise and support staff carrying out membership and fundraising functions.

Public Relations:

  1. Present a cooperative, positive and optimistic image.
  2. Maintain contact locally, statewide and nationally with housing groups, groups engaged in sustainable economic development, donors and potential donors, politicians, and other local, regional and national CLT and housing related groups.
  3. Produce press releases to ensure periodic media coverage.
  4. Oversee the on-going development and maintenance of the website and social media.
  5. Maintain and expand BRCLT website.

Project Management:

  1. Supervise the planning and implementation of all projects. Oversee permitting and compliance processes with the county.
  2. Communicate as necessary and required with representatives from the various funding sources supporting the project and complete and submit all necessary reports.
  3. Seek additional funding as needed to support projects and ensure their success.
  4. Review all grant awards and contracts and provide summary information for Board approval.  
  5. Negotiate all project related contracts and provide summary and detailed information to the Board for approval.
  6. Supervise Project/Construction Manager.
  7. Provide leadership for and support Housing Coordinator in his/her efforts to work with applicants for housing before, during and after construction.
  8. Research and complete feasibility analyses for potential future projects.


  1. Work with applicants for housing before, during and after construction.
  2. Build a diverse buyer applicant pool, conduct pre-purchase housing education, establish and maintain the buyer selection process, facilitate the closing contracts, and conduct homeowner stewardship.
  3. Coordinate future resident recruitment as necessary.
  4. Provide communications with and stewardship of homeowners or renters.  

Expected Compensation Range:

$80-100,000 depending on skills and experience.