If you believe you meet the Preliminary Eligibility Criteria and would like to join our Interested Buyers List please complete the form below.

For the purposes of this question, "Household" refers to all people of any age, related or unrelated to you, living in the same home for the majority of the year.
Household Income is defined as the pre-tax income of all individuals age 15 years or older belonging to a household, regardless of whether they are related to each other. This question is designed to help guide BRCLT in our planning and is for BRCLT's information only. You will be added to the Interested Buyers list regardless of whether your household income is within current qualifying parameters.
This question is for information gathering purposes only. You will be added to the Interested Buyers list whether you believe you qualify at this time or not.
Once a formal wait list / lottery system has been established your contact information will be moved to that list. As a contact on our Interested Buyers List you will receive updates on BRCLT projects as they become available.