We’re excited that you are taking a first step to home ownership!

We look forward to assisting you as you move forward in the home buying experience—whether it is for yourself or your family.

We will be updating this page with our latest news, along with eligibility criteria for home ownership, so please check back often.

We do not have an application process in place yet. However, you can see if you meet the minimum requirements which currently consist of the following:

  • Some sort of existing connection to Hood River or Klickitat county.  This may mean you have a job here, currently live here, or have family already living here.
  • The ability to get a mortgage for the sales price of the home.
  • You must not exceed the maximum income limits for your family size in the county. The maximum is based on Median Family Income found here: Income Limits | HUD USER  .  These income limits are current as of April 18, 2022:
                Hood River County                                               Klickitat County           
     Number in    Maximum total    Maximum                           Number in    Maximum total    Maximum
     Household    family income    assets*                           Household    family income    assets*
         1           $70,680       $117,800                              1           $66,360       $110,600
         2           $80,760       $134,600                              2           $75,840       $126,400
         3           $90,840       $151,400                              3           $85,320       $142,200
         4          $100,920       $168,200                              4           $94,680       $157,800
         5          $108,960       $181,600                              5          $102,360       $170,600
         6          $117,120       $195,200                              6          $109,920       $183,200
         7          $125,160       $208,600                              7          $117,480       $195,800
         8          $133,320       $222,200                              8          $125,040       $208,400
*Maximum assets do not include retirement accounts.  However, the total amount in retirement accounts can not 
exceed 10 times the MFI for your sized family.

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